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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Authentication & Authorization Services

Azure Active Directory

General Information

Azure Active Directory provides a variety of cloud-based identity, access and security capabilities and is the integration point for a variety of cloud-based and hybrid solutions.

Texas A&M University has one primary Azure AD tenant. The primary domain in this tenant is configured to syncronize objects in the AD DS NetID authN Domain ( to the Azure AD.

Azure AD Application

An Azure AD Application is a digital identity and some associated configuration which defines how Azure AD treats the software using the digital identity. The software itself may be running anywhere, on any platform, written in any language.

Microsoft provides comprehensive documentation geared toward developers wishing to take advantage of Azure AD at


To set up an application integration with the enterprise Azure Active Directory, complete the request form:

All information on the form should be typed except the signatures. If you are uncertain about how to answer a question, please email for assistance.

The form is printed, signed by the requester and emailed to

If you have any questions about the request process, send an email to