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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Authentication & Authorization Services



Install the latest 3.x version of the Shibboleth Service Provider.

  • The Shibboleth software can be obtained from the project website.
  • Installation instructions for Shibboleth are provided in the project wiki.

Once you have the Shibboleth service provider and supporting packages installed, you can proceed with the configuration of Shibboleth and the webserver.

Configuring a Shibboleth Service Provider

Please see the TAMUFederation Server Provider configuration page for information about configuring your service provider.

Testing your new Shibboleth Service Provider

Test your Service Provider using SAMLtest.

Register your Service Provider in a Federation

Campus- and system-wide server providers will need to register with the TAMUFederation.

Other federations you may register your server provider are listed on the Texas A&M Federations page.

Local vs. Federation-level Applications

Applications only intended for the Texas A&M campus community should connect to the Texas A&M Identity Provider.

Applications open to personnel affiliated with other institutions should connect to the appropriate federation WAYF server.


If you're deploying Shibboleth in production, please subscribe any technical contacts to the mailing list to receive notices about Texas A&M-specific system issues, outages, etc. You should also subscribe to the general Shibboleth announcement list (see the Shibboleth Project website).