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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Directory Services Attribute

Employee/Affiliate Primary Department (department)

Attribute details

LDAP department attribute properties, usage and population rules
Definition: Name of department with which the employee/affiliate is associated.

If the employee or affiliate has multiple appointments, the primary position appointment department name is stored.
Attribute Name: 'department'
OID: 1.2.840.113556.1.2.141
URN: urn:oid:1.2.840.113556.1.2.141
Multiple Values: Single-valued
Format: case-insensitive Unicode String (equivalent to Directory String)
Search Syntax: fCOPY
Controlled Vocabulary: not applicable
Source: If (present in EDW feed) AND [employmentStatus IN ('A','W','L','R')] ⇒ emplocDeptName*
else, if (present in COMPASS-USA feed) ⇒ COMPASS-USA deptName
else, if (present in HSC feed) ⇒ HSC orgName
else, if (present in AMFD feed) ⇒ AMFD orgName

* Because the adlocDeptName represents the department to which the employee reports, it does not associate unit heads with the unit he/she oversees. To allow unit heads to be properly associated with their unit, emplocDeptName is given preference. If emplocDeptName is undefined, adlocDeptName is used.

Directory-specific details

LDAP department attribute properties that are dependent on directory branch or object class configuration
  AUTH Directory
People Branch
Azure Directory
People Branch
Directory URL:
Object Class: Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Schema Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Schema
Required: no no
Indexing: none none
Access: Authenticated accounts have read access. Authenticated accounts have read access.
Usage: application GALs application GALs
Example(s): Information Technology Information Technology