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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Directory Services Attribute

Scoped Course Affiliations (eduCourseMember)

Attribute details

LDAP eduCourseMember attribute properties, usage and population rules
Definition: Role of account holder in a specific current semester course offering.

Scoped course affiliations are provided only for enrolled students, instructors, and teaching assistants affiliated with courses taught at Texas A&M's College Station, Galveston or Qatar campuses, or admitted and enrolled students eligible to take a Math Placement Exam.

The 'current semester' used to set and clear information in the Texas A&M Enterprise Directory includes all semesters with active sections, where an active section is defined as one where the current date is on or after the section start date and on or before the section end date.
Attribute Name: 'eduCourseMember'
URN: urn:oid:
Multiple Values: Multi-valued
Format: Directory String
The values consist of a left and right component separated by an "@" sign. The left component is one of the IMS roleTypes. The right component is the URN for the course or Math Placement Exam offering.
Search Syntax: EQUALITY caseExactMatch
Controlled Vocabulary: Left component (IMS Group Membership roleTypes):
Learner EIS enrolled student role
Instructor EIS instructor of record role
TeachingAssistant EIS teaching assistant role
ContentDeveloper not populated
Administrator not populated
Manager not populated
Mentor not used
Member not used

Right component (course offering URN):
Texas A&M course offering URNs are registered in the namespace.
For current values, see
Source: If present in EIS roster feed as an enrolled student for a current semester's course ⇒ Learner@courseOfferingURN
If present in EIS roster feed as an instructor of record for a current semester's course ⇒ Instructor@courseOfferingURN
If present in EIS roster feed as a teaching assistant for a current semester's course ⇒ TeachingAssistant@courseOfferingURN

If admitted or enrolled undergraduate student eligible to take a Math Placement Exam ⇒ Learner@MPEcourseOfferingURN

Directory-specific details

LDAP eduCourseMember attribute properties that are dependent on directory branch or object class configuration
  Enterprise Directory
People Branch
Directory URL:
Object Class: eduCourse
Required: no
Indexing: Presence (pres): Improves searches for entries that contain the indexed attribute.
Equality (eq): Improves searches for entries that contain an attribute that is set to a specific value.
Access: Access to Enterprise Directory restricted.
Usage: Shibboleth-enabled applications (WebAssign, etc.)