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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Directory Services Attribute

Higher Ed Affiliations (eduPersonAffiliation)

Attribute details

LDAP eduPersonAffiliation attribute properties that are dependent on directory branch or object class configuration
Definition: Broad category(ies) describing the account holder's affiliation with the university.

A person can have more than one role (e.g., a student and an employee).
Attribute Name: 'eduPersonAffiliation'
URN: urn:oid:
Multiple Values: Multi-valued
Format: Directory String
Search Syntax: EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
Controlled Vocabulary: faculty A person recognized by Dean of Faculties or a department as a clinical or adjunct faculty member and/or a person holding a Texas A&M University System faculty position.
staff A person holding a Texas A&M University System staff position.
student A person enrolled in courses or actively pursuing a degree.
employee A person employed by the Texas A&M University System.
member A member of the Texas A&M University community.
affiliate A person with whom the university has dealings, but to whom no general set of "community membership" privileges are extended.
alum A person who has been awarded a degree from Texas A&M University.
library-walk-in Not used.
Source: Assignment of eduPersonAffiliation flags is based on the tamuEduPersonAffiliation flags present in the entry:
Conditionals governing eduPersonAffiliation flag assignment
If tamuEduPersonAffiliation contains: then eduPersonAffiliation will contain:
student:enrolled:current student, member
student:enrolled:future student, member
student:notenrolled student, member
student:degreeonly student, member
faculty:official faculty, member
faculty:adjunct faculty, affiliate
faculty:emeritus faculty, affiliate
staff:adjunct staff, affiliate
employee:faculty:[future | active | workingretiree | loa] faculty, employee, member
employee:staff:[future | active | workingretiree | loa] staff, employee, member
employee:graduateassistant:[future | active | workingretiree | loa] employee, member
employee:studentworker:[future | active | workingretiree | loa] employee, member
employee:nca:[future | active | workingretiree | loa] employee, member
employee:*:retired member
member:graduatefellow member
member:instructor:current member
member:instructor:future member
member:hrcontact member
Conditionals governing eduPersonAffiliation affiliate flag assignment
If tamuEduPersonAffiliation does not contain any of the flags in the preceding table and does contain: then eduPersonAffiliation will contain:
affiliate:faculty:future affiliate
affiliate:staff:future affiliate
affiliate:studentworker:future affiliate
affiliate:graduateassistant:future affiliate
affiliate:appliedstudent affiliate
affiliate:admittedstudent affiliate
affiliate:continuingeducationstudent affiliate
affiliate:clinicaltrainee affiliate
affiliate:medicalresident affiliate
affiliate:formerstudent affiliate
affiliate:alumni affiliate, alum
affiliate:disabilityresources affiliate
affiliate:ogs affiliate
affiliate:hsc affiliate
affiliate:afs affiliate
affiliate:amfd affiliate
affiliate:rotc affiliate
affiliate:usda affiliate
affiliate:qatar:active affiliate
affiliate:12man affiliate
affiliate:upd affiliate
affiliate:fujifilm affiliate
affiliate:bookstore affiliate
affiliate:astin affiliate
affiliate:mexicooffice affiliate
affiliate:soltiscenter affiliate
affiliate:ina affiliate
affiliate:regent affiliate
affiliate:advisoryboard affiliate
affiliate:librarian affiliate
affiliate:veteransprogram affiliate
affiliate:publicprivatepartner affiliate
affiliate:compass-usa:[active | loa | exec] affiliate
affiliate:columbia affiliate
affiliate:visitingscholar affiliate
affiliate:remotecollaborator affiliate
affiliate:contractor affiliate
affiliate:volunteer affiliate
affiliate:benefits affiliate
affiliate:sbs affiliate
affiliate affiliate
It is possible for an entry to not have any values in this attribute.
If values are present, the entry will always have either a member or affiliate flag and will never have both. If an entry is eligible to have both flags, the member flag trumps and the affiliate flag will not be added.

Directory-specific details

LDAP eduPersonAffiliation attribute properties, usage and population rules
  Enterprise Directory
People Branch
Directory URL:
Object Class: eduPerson
Required: no
Indexing: none
Access: Access to Enterprise Directory restricted.
Usage: Convey broad-category affiliation assertions between members of an identity federation.
Example(s): staff, employee, student, member