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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Directory Services Attribute

Student Last Enrolled Date (tamuLastEnrolledTimeStamp)

Attribute details

LDAP tamuLastEnrolledTimeStamp attribute properties, usage and population rules
Definition: Date account holder was last affiliated as an enrolled student.
Attribute Name: 'tamuLastEnrolledTimeStamp'
URN: urn:oid:
Multiple Values: Single-valued
Format: Generalized Time
The time stored in this attribute is expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Local time for the Texas campuses is CST - Central Standard Time (UTC - 6 hours) in the winter and CDT - Central Daylight Time (UTC - 5 hours) in the summer. Local time for the Qatar campus is AST - Arabia Standard Time (UTC + 3 hours).
Search Syntax: EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch ORDERING generalizedTimeOrderingMatch
Controlled Vocabulary: not applicable
Source: Date the account holder was last listed as an enrolled student by EIS.

Directory-specific details

LDAP tamuLastEnrolledTimeStamp attribute properties that are dependent on directory branch or object class configuration
  Enterprise Directory
Affiliates Branch
Directory URL:
Object Class: tamuPerson
Required: no
Indexing: none
Access: Access to Enterprise Directory restricted.
Usage: account management
Example(s): 21 April 2006 16:07:15