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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Directory Services Attribute

Proxy Holder's Preferred Account UIN (tamuProxyHolderUIN)

Attribute details

LDAP tamuProxyHolderUIN attribute properties, usage and population rules
Definition: UIN associated with NetID account used by proxy holder to carry out delegated privileges.

When delegating privileges, an entry is created in the sponsored affiliates branch to capture the proxy target-holder relationship. If several account holders delegate privileges to the same person, this results in creation of a unique entry in the sponsored affiliates branch for each proxy target-holder pair.

For a proxy holder who has multiple proxy targets, tamuProxyHolderUIN can be used to link their proxy relationship entries in the sponsored affiliates branch to any entry they control in either the people or sponsored affiliates branch. By linking the entries together, a proxy holder can manage all delegated privileges using one NetID account rather than having a separate NetID account for each relationship.
Attribute Name: 'tamuProxyHolderUIN'
URN: urn:oid:
Multiple Values: Multi-valued (treated as Single-valued)
Format: Directory String
The value will either conform to tamuEduPersonUIN People Branch or Sponsored Affiliates Branch syntax rules.
Search Syntax: EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
Controlled Vocabulary: not applicable
Source: During the sponsored affiliate account activation, the proxy holder may either:
  • activate the account, in which case tamuProxyHolderUIN will be set to the entry's tamuEduPersonUIN value
  • link the sponsored account entry to an already activated NetID account, in which case tamuProxyHolderUIN will be set to the activated account entry's tamuEduPersonUIN value

Directory-specific details

LDAP tamuProxyHolderUIN attribute properties that are dependent on directory branch or object class configuration
  Enterprise Directory
Sponsored Affiliates Branch
Directory URL:
Object Class: tamuPerson
Required: no
Indexing: none
Access: Access to Enterprise Directory restricted.
Usage: delegation of privileges to a proxy
Example(s): 0PM8F3AEA