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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Directory Services

Enterprise Directory

Enterprise Directory People Branch

The Enterprise People branch is used to manage NetID accounts for all employees, students and other personnel with an active, close association with the university. People in this branch are allowed to have a customized login ID.

Summary of Attributes

Below is a list of all attributes populated in the People branch with a link to particulars for each attribute. An summary of attribute population as a function of a person's affiliation is provided in the Attribute Population Matrix (pdf).

  1. General person attributes
  2. Student-related attributes
  3. Employment-related attributes
  4. Entry management attributes (attributes for identity, reconciliation, selection, and directory build)

Entry Structure

The ldap entry for an individual is composed of standard LDAP objectclasses and of custom objectclasses specific to Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M University People Branch Object Class Hierarchy

Every entry in the People branch is assigned the following object classes:

  • top
  • person
  • organizationalPerson
  • inetOrgPerson
  • inetLocalMailRecipient
  • tamuEduAuthN
  • tamuPerson
  • eduPerson
  • tamuEduPerson
  • eduCourse