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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Identity Services

Texas A&M Federation Memberships

Identity Federations

In an identity federation, each institution is expected to manage and maintain accounts and privilege information for local personnel. Institutions that join the federation agree to operating procedures that control account management. In essence, the members of the federation trust one another to properly and adequately maintain and protect credentials and authorization information. Additionally, the members of the federation agree upon attributes that must be exchanged to authorize access to a service. A federation promotes secure and protected sharing of resources without compromising privacy.

Texas A&M is currently a member of three federations:

The InCommon Federation

The InCommon Federation is a federation of higher education and federal government institutions, along with partner organizations. More information on InCommon can be found at

Texas A&M InCommon Participant Operational Practices:

  • Original Document (pdf): Oct 20, 2006
  • Current Document (pdf | doc): Oct 4, 2017


The Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN) is a federation of State of Texas higher education institutions. More information on LEARN can be found at the LEARN site.


TAMUFederation is a federation of Texas A&M University System member institutions. More information on TAMUFederation can be found at the TAMUFederation site.