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Infrastructure Division of Information Technology

Directory Services OID Namespace

The OID arc contains assignments for Texas A&M University's enterprise directory object classes.

Assignments in the OID Arc (LDAP object classes)

This table lists all OID assignments in the OID arc
OID Name Reference 'tamuPerson' tamuPerson deprecated
was 'tamuEmployee'
tamuEmployee deprecated
was 'tamuStudent'
tamuStudent 'tamuRoleOrOrg' tamuRoleOrOrg deprecated
was 'tamuFoundation'
tamuFoundation deprecated
was 'tamuOtherFeed'
tamuOtherFeed deprecated
was 'tamuEduNeoUser'
tamuEduNeoUser deprecated
was 'tamuApplicant'
tamuApplicant deprecated
was 'tamuEduZimbraUser'
tamuEduZimbraUser deprecated
was 'tamuEduGoogleAppsUser'
tamuEduGoogleAppsUser 'tamuAdministrativeSearchMailbox' tamuAdministrativeSearchMailbox deprecated
was 'tamuManualAddition'
tamuManualAddition 'tamuEduPerson' tamuEduPerson 'tamuEduGuest' tamuEduGuest 'tamuEduDirectoryPerson' tamuEduDirectoryPerson 'tamuEduAuthN' tamuEduAuthN 'tamuEduServicesUser' tamuEduServiceUser